We provide covercrete services in the form of decorative spray on concrete, applying custom and or stencil patterns over plain concrete surfaces. Wallace Covercrete Services Pty Ltd has an available staff of 6, comprising of two 2-man teams, 1 x one man unit and 1 x Projects Manager. Complementing the covercrete and concrete divisions is our “Concrete Cutting” service which has been introduced to cut and remove roadway kerbs, cut old and new concrete and also provide expansion cuts in new driveways. We are now also providing a new “designer acid staining” service for a more opulent up market look.

Description of typical services – In order:

  • Acid wash surfaces
  • Broom / blower vacuum surfaces
  • Plastic Sheet protection for non sprayed areas
  • Prime surfaces to be sprayed
  • Lay stencil or fibre tape
  • 1st concrete spray coat
  • 2nd concrete spray coat
  • Lift fibre tape or stencil
  • Broom / blower vacuum surfaces
  • Seal (one coat) high solids sealer

Covercrete can be applied to a number of concrete surfaces including:

  • Driveways 
  • Pathways
  • Alfresco Areas 
  • Garden Shed Slabs
  • Garage Floors
  • Swimming Pool Surrounds
  • Brick / Block Walls 
  • Concrete Steps 
  • Car Parking Areas

Typical Resurfacing Stages

Maintenance Guide

Cleaning your decorative concrete surfaces should be part of your property maintenance program designed for both the enjoyment and beauty of your home, and for maintaining aesthetic value. Following these simple cleaning tips, may help keep your new concrete surfaces looking good all year round. 

  1. Keep driveway clean, including sweeping off leaves as they may stain.
  2. Wash or hose driveway regularly, to remove loose dirt.
  3. Clean with detergent and a soft bristled brush, or with a very mild water-blast.
  4. Unsightly tyre marks can be removed with a specifically formulated ‘tyre mark remover’
  5. Your concrete surfaces should be resealed every 12~ 24 months depending on the amount of traffic.
  6. Acrylic sealers are not formulated for resistance to petroleum based products. If a spill does occur,  stop the spread by covering with an absorbent material or mop up excess with a clean dry rag. Treat  with a suitable degreasing compound immediately.
  7. DO NOT use any solvent based, petroleum based or chlorine based cleaners on the sealed surfaces.
  8. Contact us for a no obligation quote to rejuvenate or repair your concrete surfaces.