Stone Finish

The Stone Finish look is achieved through the use of a top coat spray on system. Top coat spray on resurfacing products were developed to remove the necessity of removing old and unsightly concrete from around the home and commercial areas that needed a lift. Our system is designed to add value to your investment (your home) while not having to move out while the transformation is going on. The top coat spray on system is used in many countries where a non slip surface is required as it can be applied either smooth or heavy textured to suit individual requirements.


  • adhere to almost any solid surface with ease.
  • the colour combinations are limitless 
  • company logos and special designs can be added
  • Environmentally friendly
  • very cost efficient 
  • thin section topping
  • extremely durable
  • easy to clean 
  • used on driveways, commercial areas, footpaths, walls, inside homes, shopfronts
  • successfully tested
  • user friendly